The CHI Centers of Excellence Program will designate those specialist facilities providing the highest quality of care for HI patients and their families around the world. All centers who receive this designation will demonstrate excellence in clinical care, academic research, collaboration, and a commitment to patient care.

This systematic review of HI centers, which will result in a COE designation for HI, will help parents of children with the condition and adults living with the condition to know where to go for multidisciplinary, coordinated care, treatment, and ongoing medical support.

For many questions you have the option of answering via a text box or via a file upload. In these cases, you can choose which to use based on the format of your information. Once you begin your application you can save it and return prior to submission.

For more information related to the program and how the application will be scored, please visit the CHI website: If you have any questions, please contact Tai Pasquini, Research and Policy and Director, via email or by calling 973-842-7559.

Congenital Hyperinsulinism International